Denmark (1987), lives and works in Oslo, Norway






- MFA degree show, Avgang18, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway

- Keramiktus, Kaktus København, Copnehagen, Denmark

- Group exhibition, 'I Never Saw A Crack I Didn't Like', Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, Norway

2017 Group exhibition, Open Academy 14,8x21 2017, The Academy of Fine Arts Oslo, Norway

2017 Curated Christmas Market, Kollekted By, Oslo, Norway

2017 Munchmuseet i Bevegelse/Kunsthall Oslo shop, Oslo, Norway

2017 YONOBI store, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 MA1 group exhibition, 'MOAN', Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway

2016 Graduation show, 'Silica Visions', Clay Museum, Middelfart, Denmark

2016 Group exhibition, KADK, TENT/London Design Fair, England

2016 Graduation show, 'Silica Visions', Rundetårn, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 Copenhagen Contemporary shop, Papirøen, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 Group exhibition, KADK, Northmodern, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 Graduation show, 'Silica Visions', Bornholms Kunstmuseum, Denmark

2016 Alternativet/Kaktus København, Christiansborg, Denmark

2016 Group exhibition, Grønbechs Gård, Bornholm, Denmark

2015 Kunstforening Gl. Strand/Kaktus København, Denmark

2015 '3730-tableware', Heimdalsgade22, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 Kaktus København, Denmark

2014 Group exhibition, 'Insights', Ministry of Higher Education & Science, Copenhagen

2014 Group exhibition, 'Insights', European Ceramic Context, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, Bornholm

2013 Text, 'Ceramic Inheritance', UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London, England






2017 Album artwork, Tiago Frúgoli: "CASA Ensemble", São Paulo, Brazil

2017 Assistant, Marit Tingleff w/ John Roger Holte, Oslo, Norway

2015 Internship, Katharine Morling Studios, Cockpit Arts Deptford, London, England

2015 Assistant, 'Nøw!' exhibition (curated by Susanne Jøker Johnson), Lambrate Ventura, Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy

2014 Master class, 'Materiality - Body as a Tool - Ceramic Heritage as Matter', Alexandra Engelfriet (NL), European Ceramic Context, Klinkerskoven, Denmark

2014 Curator, 'Insights' exhibition, European Ceramic Context, Bornholm, Denmark






- MFA student, Medium and Material based Art, ceramics, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway

2016 BA, Ceramic Design, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, Design & Conservation, Bornholm, Denmark